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Cole Corporate Income Trust, Inc. (CCIT) is a public, non-listed REIT that invests in "Necessity Corporate" properties. Cole defines necessity corporate properties to be essential to the day-to-day operations of a corporation's business. Necessity corporate properties include distribution facilities, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and corporate or regional headquarters.


Cole defines necessity corporate properties as those essential to the day-today operations of a corporation's business.

Necessity corporate properties include:

  • Distribution facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Corporate or regional headquarters

At Cole, we believe tenants of these properties are less likely to vacate or relocate due to the inevitable cost and disruption to their business.

Examples of a necessity corporate property include:

  • A retail distribution center that supplies over 100 of its tenant's stores.
  • A company's corporate headquarters where the majority of its management and administrative personnel work.
  • A warehouse strategically located near a major port where it stores the company’s inventory that is imported or exported.

Characteristics of Necessity Corporate Facilities:

  • Sole or Strategic Location for Office or Distribution Operations
  • Proximity to Distribution, Manufacturing or Research Facilities
  • Difficult to Replace or Relocate Due to Prohibitive Costs
  • Easy Access to Key Customer Markets
  • Significant Amount of Tenant-Invested Capital to Customize Property

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